Andrew WINGATE, 1834 - 1909

Andrew Wingate was born on the 17th November 1834 and was the third son of shipbuilder; Thomas Wingate and Margaret Patterson. Andrew had six brothers (William, Thomas, James, Wilson, Patterson and Ninian) and two sisters (Grizel and Lilly), born between 1821 and 1845.

On the 24th of June 1862 Andrew married Margaret Macgregor (the eldest daughter of shipbuilder John Macgregor of Finnart and Margaret Fleming born on 2nd October 1836 at Barony, Lanarkshire) at 19 Park Circus, Glasgow.

Thomas Wingate would have been known to John Macgregor and it is likely that Andrew met Margaret through this connection.

Margaret died of pneumonia in Partick on the 5th of November 1878.

Andrew remarried on the 7th of September 1880 at Ashlea House, South Beach, Troon. He married Margaret Ashmore Kyle from South Beach, Troon. She was born on the 4th May 1839 to land surveyor Thomas and Jane Ashmore.

He died on the 10th of May 1909 at Underwood, Crief.