Winifred YORKE, 1891 - 1948

Winifred Mabel Yorke was born on the 29th January 1891 at 14 Leicester Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire. Her father was William York, who was a surgeon and general practitioner. Her Mother was Blanche Lilian Jones, a singer from Manchester. She was the second daughter, Lilian being older by 5 years, and in 1897 had a younger brother, William.

The family moved to Vaughan Street, Coalville, Leicestershire before William was born. Around 1897 they were at Shilton House, Gutteridge Street, Coalville, Leicestershire.

This photo shows Shilton House as it is now. It was then a new house; being built in 1897.

She was specifically excluded for any benefit from the will of Peter Macgregor, who died in 1901. Other grandchildren of James & Annie Yorke were beneficiaries of that will.

Earl Shilton---------Then------------------------------------------------and Now

By 1908 the family were living at 14 The Hollow, Earl Shilton, Hinckley, Leicestershire. But on the 8th of June of that year William died, aged only 46 years, of Pulmonary Tuberculosis after 2 years and 8 months of sickness.

After William died, Lilian moved to The Bungalow, Cliftonville, Margate. She did not stay there long as on the 28th April 1909 she married Hector Kenneth Macdonald.

They moved to Stoneley House, Lees Road, Mossley. These moves probably included Winifred as she gave this address when she married.

Stoneley House as it is now

On the 3rd of February 1915 she married David Victor Stewart Willis (known as Victor), at St George's Church, Mossley. He was born in 1886 the son of James Willis, a wholesale merchant and was living at New Cross, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. Witnesses included Queenie (Lilian) Macgregor Yorke, Lilian and Hector Macdonald.

He had studied at Queens University in Belfast, qualifying in 1912 with an M.B.B.Ch (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Chirurgi {Surgery}) and a BAO, and had lived in Cavehill Road, Belfast until 1915. He them moved to New Cross, but can't of stayed there long, because in 1916 he is recorded as living at Limehurst, 55 Littleton Street West, Walsall.

They had two children:

        Victor Kenneth Willis (known as Ken), born on the 31st October 1915 at Limehurst, 55 Littleton Street West, Walsall.

        Patricia Winifred Willis, born on the 14th of April 1924 at Limehurst, 55 Littleton Street West, Walsall.

The Willis' in approximately 1935.

Whilst living a very normal and unexceptional life, Winifred helped twice a day in the surgery dispensary. Surgeries were very long, ending at 9pm in the evening. As a result holidays were the main source of rest, these were spent in Ireland and Cornwall. Boating was a major interest of the family. Many family photographs are of boating holidays.

Victor signed Ken's wedding certificate in 1941. Winifred died in December 1948. Victor died in February 1952

Patricia Willis is still alive and has two sons.