Sarah Jane HICKS, 1836 - 1880

Sarah Jane Hicks was born in Bristol and christened on 21st February 1836 in the St. Augustine-the-Less parish. She was the daughter of master mariner Thomas James Hicks and Martha Thomas, who was born around 1808 in Pembrokeshire.. They had been married on the 30th August 1827 at St John the Baptist's Church, Bristol.

She had a Brother Thomas (1831), a mariner and two sisters; Ann (1830), and Martha (1841). Sometime between 1841 and 1848 Thomas Hicks died, because in the Summer of 1848 Martha married Alexander Laird McArthur (1782), a Ships Master.

The family moved to Greenock, and were found there in the 1851 census. In 1861 Martha and Thomas were found at Balfour Street, Port Glasgow. This is where Alexander died of Choleraie Diantuar on 24th June 1862. his son John (1813) signed the death certificate. In 1871 Martha McArthur was found at 29 Brougham Street Greenock. In 1881 she was in Deptford with her stepson and in 1891 she was in Leyton with her niece Elizabeth Hicks. Martha eventually died from pneumonia on the 24th July at Cross, Lochwinnoch, near to where her stepson John lived (Harvey Square).

Martha McArthur

Sarah Jane married Matthew Lindsay Inglis (third son of Church Minister David Inglis and Catherine Hyndman) on 20th September 1853 at Greenock. He was born on 22nd of February 1824 at Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire. He had a brother: David Inglis (christened May 4th 1818, Port Glasgow) and three sisters; Margaret (1815), Elizabeth (1820), and Catherine (1828).

Matthew's father David Inglis was christened January 1st 1791 at Abbey, Paisley.  His parents given as William Inglis and Agnes Mcquate. David married Catherine Hyndman on March 21st 1811 at Port Glasgow.

Sarah Jane and Matthew lived in Princes Street, Port Glasgow, where Matthew was a "Writer". Together Matthew and Sara Jane had 5 sons:

        David Inglis; born Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire on the 19th November 1854. Described as an apprentice shipbroker in the 1871 census. Found 1901 at 57 Rosenthal Road Catford Lewisham with wife; Julia (1854) and son Gordon Morton; (Dec 1890 Greenwich 1d 961) (RG13/550/125), worked as a Cashier in a Shipping Firm.

        Alexander McArthur Inglis; born Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire on the 9th June 1856. Probably moved to Corby as an adult.

        Thomas James Inglis; born Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire on the 9th May 1858.

        John Purdon Inglis; born Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire on the 15th June 1859. Possibly found in Purdon, Manitoba, working as a General Merchant having emigrated in 1882 (b-5 Page 7).

        Andrew Lindsay Inglis; born Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire on the 6th February 1861.

Matthew Inglis died from "Apoplexy" on the 9th of October 1861.

Sarah Jane married John Macgregor, on 20th June 1865 at the Church of St Bartholomew, Barrhill Road (Gourock), Renfrewshire, Scotland.


A picture of the church is shown above

John was the second son of John Macgregor of Finnart and Margaret Fleming. He was born on 13th April 1842, in City Parish, Glasgow, Lanarkshire.

Together they had six children:

        John Macgregor: Born 25th July 1866, at Annfield House, Kirn, Dunoon, Argyle, Scotland. Found in 1881 at Barrs Brae, Wood Bank, Port Glasgow; a scholar living with his cousin, David Inglis.

        James Wingate Macgregor: Born 8th November 1867, at Ross Bank, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

        Amy McArthur Macgregor: Born 29th January 1869 in Annfield House, Kirn, Dunoon, Argyle, Scotland.

        Allister Hicks Macgregor: Born 15th April 1870 at Annfield House, Kirn, Dunoon, Argyle, Scotland.

        Edwin Yorke Macgregor: Born 7th June 1873, at Annfield House, Kirn, Dunoon, Argyle, Scotland.

        Ethel Sarah Macgregor: Born 4th October 1876 at Annfield House, Kirn, Dunoon, Argyle, Scotland.

The family lived at Annfield House, Kirn, Dunoon, Argyle. John was a shipbuilder, but retired at some time between 1870 and 1871. This was before Tod and Macgregor's was sold in late 1872.

In the 1871 census, Sarah was found at Annfield House, Kirn with John, and their four eldest children, as well as David Inglis from her first marriage. Where the other children from the first marriage were, is a mystery. There were also four servants including two described as "nurses".

Sarah died of Hepatic Disease on the 18th September 1880 at the family home in Dunoon after suffering for two years.