What Gregor Stands for

Gregor Macgregor was Erewash’s Conservative Candidate in 2001 and fought in the successful 1999 European campaign in the North East region of England.


The next General Election will not be won by local Conservatives just relying on the national campaign. We will have to work hard locally to win each Parliamentary Seat.

I have been campaigning for the Conservatives all my life:

I fought a campaign in Erewash that led the BBC to station a film crew there; as they thought we would win in Erewash in 2001 (see below for the detail of the campaign).

I have assisted in each General Election since Feb 1974; every election almost every evening. The constituencies I have helped in have been: N.W. Surrey (74); Reading North (74/79); Cardiff South (79); Westminster North (83); Luton South (87/92/97); Erewash (candidate 2001); Derby North (05); Amber Valley (05); Hammersmith & Fulham (05). I have always picked marginal constituencies and travelled to them.

In Luton South I ran two wards (all aspects of campaigning); in 1987 and in 1992 (around 14,000 voters). These wards were fully canvassed by Election Day.

Additionally I have helped in Many By-Elections. I have also helped in Elections in the USA, Germany and Italy

Issues I Feel Strongly About

Honesty in Politics

Voters are looking for honesty from their politicians and are tired of the kind of campaigning that we have seen in the last few elections. Voters are not stupid, so why are they subjected to politicians who only talk to a banal script; which fails to answer any of their real concerns. People want their real problems addressed honestly.

By talking honestly about these issues, the Conservatives will be addressing people’s real concerns and talking honestly about the future. This will be so much better than following the “Alan Milburn” school of politics: “Follow the script and if the question is difficult; talk louder”.

Housing for Young People

Tories must address housing. Many young people cannot afford to live where they were brought up and most people are struggling under high debts. This would become a disaster if interest rates rise sharply. Conservatives must find a way of addressing the pending housing crisis; without destroying the environment or creating rising personal debt.

The Pension Crisis

the nation is heading towards a pension crisis. People in their 40s and 50s may have to carry on working well after 65, because they cannot afford to retire. We are not saving enough to pay for the future. Conservatives must create policies that start to close the savings gap. Part of this process must be to limit the rise in personal debt.


Many areas in the North of England are in the lowest 10 percent by average disposable income.

This problem is a long term one and cannot be solved by one individual. What I can offer though is my significant international business experience to help attract companies to invest in the constituency. I have travelled to five continents and 25 countries on business, I speak Italian fluently and French & German a little.

Bringing the right jobs to this part of Britain helps, but bringing a business environment to the country helps more. I have worked in business all my life and know what a Conservative Government needs to do to nurture business: Simpler Taxes; Less Regulation; Constructive Support.

Law and Order

We have seen a steady rise in the problem of violence crime and drug use under this Labour government. Lots of tough talk; but no firm action to tackle criminality. Our town centres are now no-go areas after dark, due to the almost 24 hour drinking laws Labour have introduced. Policemen having to spend more and more time on paperwork, rather than being out on the streets.

In the 10 years of this government not one new prison has been ordered. Prisoners are now being released early to make space for the others. We must build enough space for our prison population and ensure that there is space to educate prisoners AWAY from crime.

The Pension Crisis

The nation is heading towards a pension crisis. People in their 40s and 50s may have to work well after 65, because they cannot afford to retire. Retired people are also not safe from financial hardship. We are not saving enough to pay for the future. Gordon Brown has milked the pension system and now we are paying. Conservatives must reverse this and start to close the savings gap.

Race Relations and the threat of the BNP

I have lived within the highly Muslim community of Tower Hamlets for 7 years to 1988. I have worked for the Conservatives in this community. I also helped Sir Graham Bright win three elections running in Luton South; which also has a significant Muslim Community.

I also spent much time in the 1980s fighting against the National Front. It is vital to marginalise these extreme groups and give voters the clear view that voting for them, is not only unreasonable, but will not help to cure the problems that they perceive.

Green Issues

There was a significant support for the Green Party in Local elections; they have won a number of wards from the Tories. A Conservative candidate needs to be aware about Environmental Issues. I started recycling old newspapers back in 1974 and have promoted recycling ever since. As a councillor in Dacorum I was on a council in the forefront of recycling in the UK. But we face a threat far greater than recycling will solve:

If we invest now in reducing our emissions of Greenhouse Gasses; we could significantly reduce the chances of Global Sea levels rising and destroying our coastlines.

The Liberal Democrat Threat

The Liberal Democrats are a constant threat; their strength is still growing in the North of England, even though it may be weakening in the South and South West. Liberal Democrats win elections by working hard; delivering leaflets; campaigning on local issues and often lying. To beat them Conservatives must work hard and stay local. It can be done, as was shown this year in the East Riding Of Yorkshire; which we won winning 10 seats from the Liberal Democrats.