Erewash's Conservative Candidate 2001

Gregor Macgregor was Erewash’s Conservative Candidate in 2001 and fought in the successful 1999 European campaign in the North East region of England.


He works for United Technologies, known for its Chubb, Kidde, Otis and Aerospace brands, and is based in Derby.

My current job involves travelling to subsidiaries (mostly in Europe) and reviewing them.

He also integrates new subsidiaries in to the company and is currently working on a large acquisition, which joined the group in March 2010.

He has worked for Chubb for 21 years in a number of roles including as a Finance Director.

He has worked in countries on 5 continents including 4 years in Italy. He has been in Derby for eight years. Prior to this he spent four years working for Chubb in Italy and is fluent in Italian.

Political Work

He helped Greg Hands to win Hammersmith in 2005, canvassing most nights and on election day.

He was a candidate in the Erewash constituency in 2001, reducing the Labour majority. In the process we canvassed 50,000 voters PRIOR to the election and visited 19,000 TARGETTED voters during the 4 weeks of the campaign.

Candidate in the 1999 Euro elections in the North East; we nearly won two of the four seats.

He was a Councillor in Dacorum between 1991 & 1995, I dealt with a serious flood in the village; winning funds for a substantial flood relief scheme.

In 1979/80 he was President of the Students Union in Cardiff University. He was elected as a Conservative and followed through Conservative policies including support for Trident!

In 1980/81 he was chairman of the Students body for ALL the students in the University of Wales. This was the first time a Conservative had held this position.

Chairman, Markyate Conservative Branch, West Hertfordshire 1988 / 92. He successfully channelled local anger at a large housing scheme to a successful conclusion, with the scheme being dropped.

He joined the party in 1973 and has been an active member and campaigner for the Conservative cause throughout the years since then.

Voluntary Work

Currently he is Chairman of the Matlock Bath Pavilion Group. The Group currently has six months to create a feasibility study and a business plan to re-open this lovely hundred-year-old building.

Local charities supported by the Lea Open Gardens Day: We opened our garden during 1999/03

Arkwright Society, support and help with fundraising events.

Lea Primary School (my daughter’s school) 2002 – date. Helped at social and fund raising events.

I supported the local Anglican Church 1994-1998 Italy & supported local Italian Charities

I have also done individual acts, such as collecting for Rumania after the end of the Nicolea Ceausescu dictatorship and the violence that followed his fall in 1989.

I supported Save the Children, helping with fundraising events 1988-1994 Markyate.

Local Charities in Tower Hamlets 1981-1988

Teaching English as a foreign language; I taught an Italian woman to read English 1978/9.

Deputy Convenor, Cardiff Area Students Association, assisting students from Further Education Colleges to obtain representation 1978-1980.


Gregor comes from near Matlock and his wife was born and brought up in Derbyshire.

He is married to Penny and they have two children, a son of nineteen and a daughter of eleven.