The HUBBARD Family

George Hubbard was a Station Master, born in 1833 at Wallingford, Berkshire. He had a brother, Edwin, born in 1843. Christiania (senior) was born Christiania Evans in Newport on 27th December 1835 to Thomas Evans and Maria Williams, she had an elder sister - Elizabeth.

The family first lived at Blewitt Street, Newport Monmouthshire (Gwent), George was a railway clerk at this time. Around 1862, the family moved to the Railway Station, Meopham, Kent, where George became the station master. They lived there for around nine years before George got posted to London and lived at 17 Blucher Road Camberwell.

Blucher Road as it is now looking West                                  and East

George & Christiania had seven daughters and three sons (The first four girls were all christened on the 14th of April 1865):

  1. George Hy. Hubbard, born at Newport M. in 1858.

  2. Maria Hubbard, born at Tunnel Terrace, Newport, Monmouthshire on 3rd February 1860. Married Prectical Engineer James Fitzherbert Tylden Pattenson (son of Kent J.P.; William Hodges Tylden Pattenson born; 1822, married; Sep 1854, Died; Jun 1894 & Elizabeth Matilda Boys) on the 3rd November 1882 at Lambeth Register Office. James was born in 1860 and lived at Millfield, Peterborough, Maria at Rochester Lodge, Brixton Ride. They lived in Peterborough and had 5 sons and 2 daughters (William Herbert Dec 1883 {3b 244}, Dorothy Monica Tylden 1884, Married Mar 1908 {3b 303}, Claud Walter Tylden Dec 1886 {3b 223}, Arthur Eric Tylden Dec 1888 {3b 240}, Percy Reginald Tylden Sep 1891 {3b 233}, Ethelind Minnie Tylden Sep 1892 {3b 360}, Basil Lesley Tylden Sep 1894 {3b 225}) James lived on his own means. In 1891 they were living at 20 Cromwell Road, Peterborough, but by 1901 they had moved to 12 Mince Gardens.

  3. Christiania Hubbard, born at Newport on 9th of October 1861.

  4. Annie Hubbard, born at Newport in 1863. Married railway foreman William Gregory (born in Paddington in 1861) and had a daughter Christiania in 1885, born in Slough, Bucks. Found in Paddington in 1891.

  5. Winifred Allen Hubbard, born at Meopham, Kent in 1864. Married Paul Calamaro, son of Hotel Proprietor James Calamaro on 12th of October 1987 (he was living at 1 Kennington Park Gardens and she at 27 Royal Road, Kennington) and had daughter Daisy in Gibraltar on the 8th June 1888. Paul Calamaro Died and Winifred married again on the 29th Mar 1902 at Lambeth Register Office. She described herself as an actress. Her husband was Actor Frederick Donald Cooper, born in 1866 to actor Frederick Harwood Cooper. Winifred was living at 22 Chapel Street, Brixton and Frederick was living at 6 Norfolk House, Ardville Road, Brixton.

  6. Elizabeth Hubbard, born at Meopham, Kent in 1866.

  7. Ada Louisa Hubbard, born at the Railway Station, Meopham, Kent on the 22nd December 1867. Still at home in 1891.

  8. Edith Hubbard, born at the Railway Station, Meopham, Kent on 19th January 1869. Found at 181 Fandale Road, Stockwell working as a home help for Alexander Smith in 1891. Brought up Muriel Jennings.

  9. Louisa Georgia Hubbard, born at Station Road, Meopham, Kent on 22nd June 1871.

  10. Edgar Octavius Hubbard, born at 12 Blucher Road, Camberwell, Surrey on 9th October 1872.

  11. Thomas Ernest William Hubbard, born at 12 Blucher Road, Camberwell, Surrey on 10th April 1874. Died March 1882 (Camberwell 1d 545).

In the 1871 census George, Christiania, George Hy and 6 daughters were living at the Railway Station House, Meopham with George's younger brother (who described his profession as MS pleale). Only Maria was missing at this time. RG10 896 Pg52

In the 1881 census Maria was described as a Telegraphist, Annie and Winifred were described as Dressmakers. The whole family were living at 12 Blucher Road Camberwell. in the 1901 census a Edgar Hubbard (born in Lambeth) was found to be living in East Thickley, Co Durham and working as a Railway Wagon Repairer.

In 1991 George, Christiania and Ada were living at 32 Epson Road, Fulham. George was still employed as a Station Master. With them was a granddaughter Daisy Calamaro (aged 2) a granddaughter; born in Gibraltar.