Gregor Macgregor’s Letters and Press Releases

Monday, May 9th 2005

A New Tory Agenda

Dear Sir


The Tories obtained a good swing and won a handy increase in the number of MPs in Parliament. But, there is no escaping that May the 5th was the third General Election defeat in a row.

The Conservatives must now review how the party relates to political climate that they created before the 21st century began.

Voters are looking for honesty from their politicians and are tired of the kind of campaigning that we have seen in the last few elections. Voters are not stupid, so why are they subjected to politicians who only talk to a banal script; which fails to answer any of their real concerns. People want their real problems addressed honestly.

What are these problems?

Firstly the Conservative party must protect the environment much more robustly. If we do not do considerably more for the environment then we will leave a damaged island and world to our children and grandchildren.

Secondly; Tories must address housing. Many young people cannot afford to live where they were brought up and most people are struggling under high debts. This would become a disaster if interest rates rise sharply. Conservatives must find a way of addressing the pending housing crisis; without destroying the environment or creating rising personal debt.

Thirdly; the nation is heading towards a pension crisis. People in their 40s and 50s may have to carry on working well after 65, because they cannot afford to retire. We are not saving enough to pay for the future. Conservatives must create policies that start to close the savings gap. Part of this process must be to limit the rise in personal debt.

By talking honestly about these issues, the Conservatives will be addressing people’s real concerns and talking honestly about the future. This will be so much better than following the “Alan Milburn” school of politics: “Follow the script and if the question is difficult; talk louder”.

Yours faithfully,
N.Gregor Macgregor
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate 2001, Erewash