Gregor Macgregor’s Letters and Press Releases

Monday, March 15, 2004

The Spanish have been Terrorised

Dear Sir


          We will rue the day when Spain allowed itself to be terrorised by Al Qaeda. By voting against the government, the Spanish people have shown that they are willing to be swayed by mass terrorism, against a course that is right.


Jose Maria Aznar's Popular Party government backed the war against terrorism and the removal for Saddam Hussein. They were right to have done so and their involvement broadened the coalition and gave it greater credibility. It was also the first time that Spain had supported a multilateral action since the sixteenth century. The terrorists’ objective was to punish the Spanish people and reverse their support for the U.S. led action. It looks as though they have succeeded.


To be fair, the incompetent handling of the whole affair by their government must have contributed to the sense of frustration that the Spanish voters felt. By blaming Basque terrorists, immediately after the tragedy they were wrong. They had no clear evidence to back the claim and they allowed themselves to be seen as making political capital out of the catastrophe. Their incompetence should have cost them their majority.


This does not detract though, from the message that this will send to other countries. This message is; “if you feel in danger from terrorism, take the line of least resistance”. This is a danger to us all.


If countries like Spain, Italy and others, whose governments have backed the U.S. against local public opinion, can be brought down so easily, where does that leave Britain? We could be left alone in support of the U.S. in the war against terrorism. That burden will weigh on us very heavily.


We must do all we can to support coalition members, in Europe and the rest of the world. We must ensure that they are not picked off one by one by the terrorists.


          Yours faithfully,

           N Gregor Macgregor