Gregor Macgregor’s Letters and Press Releases

Friday, November 07, 2003

The Nightmare is for Labour

Dear Sir,


          At last there is light at the end of the tunnel. With the removal of Iain Duncan Smith a forgettable chapter of the Conservative Party is at an end. The universal acceptance of Michael Howard as leader will allow the Conservatives to seriously challenge this failing Labour government.


Michael Howard possesses many of the skills that IDS lacked; an intellectual approach; an experienced politician; a “Big Hitter” when opposing the Labour Government; a commitment to bringing all sides of the Conservative party together; the ability to attract supporters who are not just interested in joining a club.


The feud between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown can only grow as Peter Mandelson’s influence grows inside No 10. This will weaken the Labour government’s position and with IDS in charge, the Conservatives would have missed this opportunity. Michael Howard will be better able to lay out the alternative. He will have his supporters united behind him.


The man with “something of the night” may be back, but it’s Labour who will suffer the nightmares from now on.


          Yours faithfully,

          N Gregor Macgregor

          Conservative Parliamentary Candidate 2001, Erewash