Gregor Macgregor’s Letters and Press Releases

Monday, October 01, 2001

Kate's No-hope Dream


The Editor, Derby Evening Telegraph


Dear Sir,


            Kate Smith (letters 29th Sept) will be disappointed to discover that the phones in Liberal HQ have not been ringing wildly since the Tory party leadership result. Why is this? Because none of us want to join them.


            Just take for example the comments in her letter, she talks about Euro MEP Roger Helmer; "He has a duty to be moderate in a volatile international situation, but he ratchets up the rhetoric. To talk of the worst terrorist atrocity perpetrated on Britain since the Second World War and of being at war is surely irresponsible". Then in the next breath she invites Roger to join the Liberals!


            This proves that the Liberals will do anything, say anything, or be anything to get votes. There is no chance of a Euro-sceptic like Roger Helmer will join the Liberals. There is even less chance of my joining them.


            Liberal Democrats are positioning themselves to the left of Labour. They are getting closer to the Trades Unions, they would raise taxes, they would make Britain a "soft option" for illegal asylum seekers, they appear to be hostile to the royal family, and they are certainly hostile to our war on terrorism.


            These are all good reasons for voters not joining the Liberals. Not many will be interested in going the Liberal Democrat way.


            So Kate's hope of gaining new members that way remains just that - a hope.


            Yours faithfully,

            N.Gregor Macgregor

            Conservative Parliamentary Candidate 2001, Erewash