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Tory PPC Speaks to Hong Kong Conservatives

Immediate Release

Friday, December 01, 2000

N Gregor Macgregor - #9; Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Erewash

Erewash's Tory PPC, Gregor Macgregor, spoke to the Hong Kong Conservative Association at a specially arranged dinner. He spoke about the prospects for a Conservative victory at the next general election. He also talked about the work being done to achieve it victory in Erewash.

Afterwards he answered questions about the split-up of the United Kingdom, which members felt was happening under Labour. The new assemblies in Edinburgh, Cardiff and London have sapped power from Westminster. Members felt that this process would continue, with pressure for an assembly already rising in the North of England.

Gregor Macgregor said; "This is the second time I have been invited to speak to the Conservatives in Hong Kong. It is always a pleasure and their questions are very penetrating. What it does is to put Erewash on the map and help more people around the world to know where we are."